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    Made in USA

    Smells like tobacco and goddamn leadership. We all know that Non-Commissioned Officers are the backbone of the military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. We also know that discharged military NCOs make the best assistant managers at home improvement stores. The world simply wouldn't survive without NCOs, just like it wouldn't survive without tobacco.

    Actually smells like pipe tobacco and fresh tobacco, with hints of bay leaf.

    Wood wick, printed glass with Gunfighter Tab on one side and a suppressed AR on the other.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best candle ever!

    Tony B. (Charles Town, West Virginia, United States)
    Out F’n Standing

    The first wiff of this great candle made me want to put on my dress blues and smoke a pvt. till his nuts dropped.

    The house smells like quality leadership.

    Today we received our NCO candle from Gunfighter Candle Co. and I was absolutely wowed right out the package. I’m going to start with some blunt honesty and that is, I was not expecting this to be great. When I think veteran smells I think whiskey, Newports and sweaty balls after a two week cycle in the field. This, was most definitely not that. Directly out of the box the smell was incredible. Once we lit it, incredible is the only word to describe it. This candle is definitely among the best of candle scents. The NCO scent and is a CIF turn in first time go passing grade and we all know those assholes don’t let anything clear on the first go but this most definitely did with zero deficiencies! Grab one and you will most definitely not regret it!


    Robert B.
    Great Product

    Blew the candle out hours ago and it still smells like goddam leadership in my office.

    (1) of our Signature Bourbon Glass Candles.

    Hand-poured into a heavy bottom rocks glass with our Gunfighter tab printed on one side and a suppressed rifle on the other.

    Made with 100% Soy wax, an all-natural and untreated crackling wood wick, and fragrance and/or essential oils. 

    Each candle comes in a printed gift box that describes each scent.

    NET WT. 9oz (255.146g).

    In addition to being Gunfighters, we are also hunters, anglers, and believe in sustainable products that keep the outdoors clean and beautiful.

    Our candles are made with 100% soy wax, which is more environmentally friendly than paraffin wax. While most companies make candles with containers that are thrown away, we designed ours to be reused long after the candle is gone. We also use wooden wicks made from all-natural and untreated USA-native wood. No metals, no toxins, no animal products or testing…just nature. The wooden wick manufacturer sources the wood from Forest-Stewardship Council approved mills, which means that the wood they use is produced using only the highest standards in ethical and earth-friendly milling. We never add paragons phthalates or any other garbage, Oh, and all of our packaging is recyclable. Score for the great outdoors.

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